Wine Glass Review: Wine Enthusiast Fusion


Fusion Cabernet/Merlot glasses c/o Wine Enthusiast

I admit it, I’m a wine glass snob. I rarely lift a glass that doesn’t have a Riedel logo on it. However, $40 a glass is not often feasible (and they break extremely easily). So when we were presented with Wine Enthusiast’s new Fusion glass I was both excited and skeptical.

A good all purpose wine glass is not only an essential for wine lovers, but anyone who likes to entertain. No matter if it is the Fusion, Riedel, or glasses from Target there are three essential qualities your go-to glass needs to have.

1. Durability
2. Emphasizes the good characteristics of the wine
3. Dishwasher safe (it helps, but not completely necessary)

I tested both Cabernet and Pinot Noir in the glass, and put it up against my grape specific wine glasses by Riedel. Although I am a fan of the varietal specific stemware, it is also important to have an all purpose red glass. The glass definitely displayed a more intense nose on the Cabernet, the Pinot Noir was well represented as well.  And being totally honest, there was very, very little difference between the wine in my Riedel glass versus the Fusion.

This glass also advertises that it is one of the most break resistant glasses in the world. While I did not smash it on my counter to test it, I did bounce it around a bit and no knicks or scratches.

Dishwasher safe stemware is a huge time saver. Who really wants to hand wash and hand polish 12 wine glasses after a dinner party? I’ve seen a lot of glasses claim to be ‘dishwasher safe,’ but few are. There are a number of problems that can happen: 1. Spots and Streaking 2. Wear and Tear on the glass, reducing the clarity and durability over the glass over time. These glasses did not have any streaking or spots after a run through the dishwasher, but I can’t speak to the wear and tear over time. In general, I always hand wash my glasses. Here’s a good tip: Never wash wine glasses the night of (you are impaired)! Instead fill them with hot, soapy water and let them soak until the next morning.

The Wine Enthusiast Fusion glasses are available here for $49.99 for a pack of four. Thank you to Wine Enthusiast for selecting us to review your newest addition!


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  1. Ashley says:

    Great review- people forget how important durability is! You set a fragile glass down a little too hard on a counter top and it’s over. :)


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