FWF Top Wine Pick: Orin Swift Locations

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Have we mentioned before (maybe here or here) that we are big fans of Orin Swift wines? I may have to declare us as the official fan club. If you are not familiar with the name Orin Swift, I’m sure you’ve come across The Prisoner before. Am I right? The Prisoner is probably the most well known wine originating from Orin Swift Cellars. The 2009 vintage of The Prisoner was by far our favorite – check out our review here. Besides that keep an eye out in your local wine shop for Mercury Head, Palermo, Papillon, Abstract and of course, The Locations.

Dave Phinney of Orin Swift Cellars newest adventure is something called The Locations. We really can’t say it any better than they do:

Locations is a simple concept made complicated that ultimately became a great deal of fun.
• The Simple: Make the best possible wine from a given country or location.
• The Complex: Going out and tracking down the vineyards which are capable of delivering the quality of wine needed.
• The Fun: Travelling the world to visit incredible sites and meet amazing people that challenge each other to make the best wine possible.

So far our location choices are Spain, France or Italy. I heard a rumor that three more location wines will be released next year, but that was just from the lady at the grocery store – not sure how reliable that information is. We don’t want to pick a favorite, but if we had to — if we were lying on the table in front of Dexter Morgan forcing us to pick a wine (too much?) — we would pick E (Spain). It’s not your average Spanish blend, it is the best Grenache from Priorat, the finest Tempranillo from Rioja and the most outstanding Carignan from Ribera del Duero.

locations wines

*Pictures from www.locationswines.com and wwww.orinswift.com, respectively

Try the E with Sliced Steak Over Black Pepper Biscuits with Tomato Jam.

The F would be perfect with Spicy Dijon Lamb Chops with Blackberry Sauce.

And for I – gotta have pasta right? Serve it with Veal Meatballs in Marinara

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  1. I’ve never heard of Orin Swift Cellars, but the location wines sounds very intriguing! I will have to check them out.

  2. Jen says:

    I do love a good glass of wine, would love to give them a try!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

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